Home Elevators

The humane design decoration your noble life space. We enhance your life grade in the times of high & new tech. Al Firdous home elevator brings about a more convenient and high-grade life.It displays the outstanding properties in a limited space. It has no machine room. Extremely small topfloor height can match with various old and new residences.

Hospital Elevators

Al-Firdous hospital elevators are not just used in delivering passengers. Because of its use particularity. it has special and strict requirements to the elevator use properties. AL FIRDOUS hospital elevator can accurately control the elevator’s running speed. It brings about the smooth and comfortable travel.

Small Machine Room Elevators

Al-Firdous, small machine room elevator applies small traction machine, thin control cabinet. It bring about the more compact machine room layout. It fulfills small machine room. Compared with the traditional elevator with machine room, it effectively reduces machine room height, effectively saves the machine room area.


It integrates machine room and the well into one. It property installs the traction machine and control cabinet into well. It saves the space cost for the building and fulfills 100% high uttilization rate of the building space.


FC-001 Standard : Ceiling Stainless steel framework hollow creamy white acrylic column, down lamps on both sides Car wall: Hairline stainless steel Handrail: None Floor: PVC


A shock-absorbing device is set between the car body and holder to isolate vibration. It superiorly buffers vibrating during the elevator running process. It reduces the car vibration and prompts the conformable travel to vast passengers.


It gathers together advanced rotary observation elevator technology. It brings about the more beautiful elevator operation. The passengers can more freely appreciate charming city scenes in travel. It is a masterpiece of modern observation elevator technology and concept.


We apply the fully computerized modular elevator special control system,effective and reliable orive mode, sensitive and flexible VVVF variable frequency door machine for Al firdous serial freight elevator so that our elevator can have relaxed transport under various work condtions.


Al firdous dumbwaiter elevator provides small freight elevators in various building with the prompt, economical and convenient vertical transport. It greatly saves time and labour resources. It is widely applicable for delivering food and drinks, dining ware, daily commodities etc.


Al-firdous automobile elevator introduces the well-developed aytomobile elevation technology in the world. It develops and produces car elevator through absorbing, converting, enhancing the advanced technology, It gets rid of shaking car because of noise and burdened traction system due to uneven force to the car.